• Re-manufactured gas meters; diaphragms, rotary, or turbine meters
  • Meter Swivels, Nuts, & Washers of various sizes as per ANSI B109.2 and B1.20.1.  All sizes available in either galvanized, Black, or Zinc
  • Meter bars, bands, enclosures
  • Meter flanges; RF, FF, Blind, Weld neck; 150-900CL 2”, 3”, 4” or 6” as per ANSI A105/B16.5
  • Dry Gas Test Meters are used in Stack Sampling industry for determining air pollutants. Measurement Controls repairs and re-manufacture wet/dry gas test meters of various types (imperial or metric). Calibration is provided from low flow to Method 5 traceable to NIST.